Market research

New businesses often fail because they haven't researched their market properly. What's the competition? How many businesses are offering something similar? Why is there no other business like yours around? Is the market ready for you? Are you looking in the right location? Do you have the right business model? These are questions we can help you think through as we know the local market well, and how to research and break into new markets. 

Business PLan

Once you're sure that there is a market for your idea, we can help you work through a business plan to check the numbers, develop your marketing strategy, set realistic targets, and keep you on track. Putting it on paper helps to make it real and gives you a greater chance of succeeding. Businesses that don't have a clear plan or grasp on the numbers are the ones that struggle.  Plus you'll need one if you want to apply for a bank loan or funding.


Get your brand right and it will speak for itself. What's the best name for you? Is it in use already, are the social media handles free? Would it suit a picture logo or a beautifully crafted font? What colours do people associate with your type of business, what will be memorable and show up best on mobile devices? Our brilliantly creative design team consider all of these elements to come up with the right branding to give your business the impact it needs to take off.